Rediscovered: Dreamsicle Blush

I spoke about Laura Geller’s Dreamsicle Blush back in my August Favorites post and I wanted to dedicate a post to this rediscovered product.


Dreamsicle is a beautiful baked blush that’s a bright, bubblegum pink with yellow swirls. It looks bright in the pan, but it gives a beautiful light pink glow to the cheeks. You don’t need to be afraid of the brightness, because the color is light so you’d actually have to work hard to overdo it!

This blush came in a set I bought a few years back so I’m not sure if this particular blush is available on its own. I’ve only tried a few Laura Gellar products, but I’ve been very happy with them. I’d love to try out some more of the brand’s baked blushes and I’ve heard that the baked highlight in “French Vanilla” is gorgeous.

To end this rediscovered post, I want to add that besides the fun look of this product in the pan and the pretty color on the cheeks, it also has great longevity/wear time! I applied this product yesterday before 7am and when I got home from work shortly before 5pm, I could still see it for sure. I did have a picture of when I first applied it, but I didn’t really like the picture so I’ll just be showing you the 5pm picture!


So here’s my face after I wearing the blush for 10+ hours! As you can see the blush is still visible. Obviously not quite as pigmented as it was in the morning, but still pretty good in my opinion for having been on my face for over 10 hours!

Again, I’m not sure that this particular product is still available, but I definitely recommend checking out other Laura Geller products, especially if all the products are as great as this one!

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