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Mid-Autumn Festival

This past Sunday was the Mid-Autumn Festival, a holiday that is celebrated by the Chinese and I believe Vietnamese people celebrate it too, but don’t hold me to that! So I don’t really know what people do to celebrate this holiday. All I know is that my family eats moon cakes. There are a lot of different stories as to the origins of this holiday and also various stories that go along with the holiday. What I do know is that the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival it’s always a full moon. And guess what? Sunday night not only had a full moon, but it was a Super Moon. And not only was it a Super Moon, but it was a Blood Moon. And not only was it a Super Moon and a Blood Moon, but there was also going to be a Lunar Eclipse! And guess what? I saw none of it. That’s right. The entire sky in my area was cloudy and I didn’t see the moon at all! #EpicMoonFail.

I did, however, try to take a picture of the moon last night, even though I knew it wasn’t going to be nearly as great. The sky was clearer, but the moon was small, but whatever, I got an alright picture I guess!




The moon cakes come with all different fillings these days, but my family always gets the traditional ones which have lotus seed paste and an egg yolk inside. One of the old stories about the moon cakes is that way back when the Chinese and Mongols were fighting, people would hide messages inside the moon cakes. I don’t know if that’s a true story or not, but it seems like a cool story!



The moon was really far away last night and when I tried to zoom in, it just got really blurry. But I wanted to include some sort of shot of the moon for this post!

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