• Moon through telescope
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    Photo Challenge: Out of This World

    I have to preface this post by saying these photos are 100% real! I say that because once you see the large photo of the moon, you might find it unbelievable. When I saw that last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Out of This World“, I knew this was the photo I had to use. A few years ago, when I was in Hawaii, my family and I went on a tour up to the top of Mauna Kea to see the sunset. On the way down, we stopped halfway for stargazing. The tour company set up a high powered telescope and told us about the constellations and…

  • Moonglow Bangle Bracelet
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    Moonglow Bangle Bracelet

    A few weeks ago Moonglow Jewelry reached out to me and asked if I’d like to select a piece from them in exchange for a review. Their pieces looked really cool so I agreed and picked the Moonglow Bangle Bracelet! Each Moonglow piece has an image of the moon, specifically the phase the moon was in on the date you have chosen. “MOONGLOW is a celebration of life’s most cherished experiences. Each artfully-crafted design is a wearable symbol of a sacred memory that’s important to you. And like the moon itself, our lunar phase charms glow in darkness, honoring those memories that rise in our hearts, never to be forgotten.” Fittingly…

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    Mid-Autumn Festival

    This past Sunday was the Mid-Autumn Festival, a holiday that is celebrated by the Chinese and I believe Vietnamese people celebrate it too, but don’t hold me to that! So I don’t really know what people do to celebrate this holiday. All I know is that my family eats moon cakes. There are a lot of different stories as to the origins of this holiday and also various stories that go along with the holiday. What I do know is that the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival it’s always a full moon. And guess what? Sunday night not only had a full moon, but it was a Super Moon. And…