Moonglow Bangle Bracelet
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Moonglow Bangle Bracelet

A few weeks ago Moonglow Jewelry reached out to me and asked if I’d like to select a piece from them in exchange for a review. Their pieces looked really cool so I agreed and picked the Moonglow Bangle Bracelet! Each Moonglow piece has an image of the moon, specifically the phase the moon was in on the date you have chosen.

“MOONGLOW is a celebration of life’s most cherished experiences. Each artfully-crafted design is a wearable symbol of a sacred memory that’s important to you. And like the moon itself, our lunar phase charms glow in darkness, honoring those memories that rise in our hearts, never to be forgotten.”

Fittingly enough, my birthday is tomorrow so I chose my birth date for my bangle!

Moonglow Bracelet
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 2
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 3
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 1
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 4
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 5
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 6
Moonglow Bangle Bracelet 7

I conveniently covered the year of my birth above 😉 but this bangle is so fun. It is so simple and will go well with any outfit due to its simplicity. At the same time the piece is so interesting and unique since it is the moon phase of my birth – a waxing gibbous. The info says it glows in the dark and I keep forgetting to look to see if it does – I’ve only worn it during the day so far and I haven’t been in a dark room with it on! But I will have to remember to check it out. I’m really loving this bangle and I will for sure have to wear it for my birthday tomorrow!

*I received this bracelet complimentary but all opinions are my own.*

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