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    Mini Me: Cute Skirts

      Mini Me: Cute Skirts by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a knit shirt Last year I was really into mini skirts and over-the-knee boots. I think I’ll still be continuing with the look this fall/winter especially since it still looks to be in style. Some people may wonder how you can pull off a mini skirt in the fall. First off, unless it’s absolutely freezing or snowing out, you can always stay warm by wearing tights and/or over-the knee boots to keep your legs warm. Second, mini skirts can be fall appropriate by choosing patterns and colors that work for the season. For this look, I chose a tan ribbed sweater with gold…

  • Curved Button Wrap Skirt
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    Curved Button Wrap Skirt

    Cord is not a material you think of when you think summer fashion, but this cord skirt is a beautiful emerald green color and we all know green is my all time favorite color so I will find any reason to wear it any time of the year. Plus it’s a mini skirt so I feel like you can get away with wearing it in the summer season. In any case, it is a very lightweight cord and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Wrap mini skirts and skorts have been gaining popularity the last few years, but what sets this one apart from many others is that the wrap has…