Mini Me: Cute Skirts

Mini Me: Cute Skirts


Last year I was really into mini skirts and over-the-knee boots. I think I’ll still be continuing with the look this fall/winter especially since it still looks to be in style. Some people may wonder how you can pull off a mini skirt in the fall. First off, unless it’s absolutely freezing or snowing out, you can always stay warm by wearing tights and/or over-the knee boots to keep your legs warm. Second, mini skirts can be fall appropriate by choosing patterns and colors that work for the season.
For this look, I chose a tan ribbed sweater with gold snaps on the shoulders and a wrap skirt with a red and white bandana print. I love this skirt and would love if it was in my closet! Who could say no to that bow? To complete the look I chose a suede saddle bag and shoes. If it’s a mild fall day, you can wear sandals like the suede fringe sandals I chose for this look. If it’s a bit cooler you can go for suede knee high or over-the-knee boots.
What’s your take on mini skirts?

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