Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck
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Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck

How is your weekend going? I went on a holiday outing with friends last night. We went to a drive-through holiday light show that’s really popular around here. I haven’t been since I was a kid and it’s gotten a lot better since then. However, I guess everyone had the same idea because the traffic was insane. It was pretty, but wasn’t as enjoyable since we were hardly moving and I felt so car sick from the stop and go. I’ll share some photos in a blog post later on this month along with some photos of other outings hopefully.

Speaking of things that are pretty, but ended up a bit of a disappointment – this striped funnel neck sweater. It is so soft with its yarn like material and I absolutely love the pink and red combo. But when I was wearing it I noticed a little spot that looked a bit thin. But with it’s yarn-like construction I don’t think it’s something you can sew and fix up. Anyway, I washed it over the weekend and when I pulled it out of the washing machine that thin spot turned in to a big hole! I hung it to dry and I haven’t looked at it yet to see if it can be salvaged, but it may be a goner. It’s a shame because I actually really love the sweater! The colors are so good and I appreciate that it’s a funnel neck instead of a full turtleneck.

Pink & Red Striped Funnel NeckPink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 1Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 2Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 3Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 4Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 5Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 6Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 7Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 8Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 9Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 10Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 11Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 12Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 13Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 14Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 15Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 16Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 17Pink & Red Striped Funnel Neck 18

Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Jeans: Express (here) | Boots: UGG (here)

I hope I can fix the sweater, but it’s right in front so I think even if I am able to sew it it might be really noticeable. We’ll see!

I front tucked the sweater in to jeans and wore light colored UGGs. These were actually my first pair of UGGs ever – they were a Christmas gift back when I was in college so these have held up extremely well over the years!

I wore the sweater with jeans here and with black work pants another day so this sweater is a classic example of a versatile piece. Hopefully I can save it!

The sweater is from early in the fall and already gone, but I’m linking to a striped funnel neck top and a similar cozy knit funnel neck (but non-stripe) as well as my jeans and boots.

Enjoy your Sunday! I’ve got holiday photos today, which I’m excited about! I’ve got some really good outfits planned for it so hopefully we can get some really good photos!

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