• Technology

    Options For International Money Transfers

    Do you need to send money to an overseas bank account? Perhaps you have a family member that lives in another country and you need to send them some cash? Maybe you are conducting some business and need to pay an overseas supplier? The reasons for international money transfer vary dramatically. Nowadays, this is something that has become exceptionally common, and because of this you have a wealth of different options available to you when you want to benefit from international money transfer services. This can often make it difficult when it comes to determining the best option to go for. Keeping that in mind, in this post we are…

  • Life

    Online or In-Store Shopping?

    Do you prefer to shop online or in a physical store? It’s a question that comes up quite a bit these days with the ever growing popularity and convenience of online shopping. SwiftMoney has been interested in whether people are more in to “retail or e-tail” and it’s pretty interesting to look at the statistics. I love looking at statistics like this and truth be told I thought that the percentage of people who prefer online shopping would be much higher! Honestly, I can shop anywhere (mostly) and have no problem with either. But, I have to say that these days I find myself doing a majority of my shopping online.…

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    Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

    As the year begins to come to a close it seems fitting that this past week’s photo challenge was “Gone, But Not Forgotten”.  For this challenge, I decided to photograph a picture frame I have with some coins from countries I’ve visited. Obviously, these countries are not gone and very much still exist, but my trips to those places are long gone, but will never be forgotten. I’d love to do a much larger frame one day, but let me tell you how this came about. Probably 2 or maybe even 3 years ago, I was up late and on Pinterest. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a tendency…