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Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

As the year begins to come to a close it seems fitting that this past week’s photo challenge was “Gone, But Not Forgotten”.  For this challenge, I decided to photograph a picture frame I have with some coins from countries I’ve visited. Obviously, these countries are not gone and very much still exist, but my trips to those places are long gone, but will never be forgotten.

I’d love to do a much larger frame one day, but let me tell you how this came about. Probably 2 or maybe even 3 years ago, I was up late and on Pinterest. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a tendency to find craft things late at night and for some reason it’s always something that I feel this strong need to do right away. So it was probably well after midnight and I saw this craft idea on Pinterest to take coins from your travels and put it inside a picture frame. Amazing! I quickly rummaged through some things to find some coins that I still had laying around. I think I found some Euros, British Pounds, Turkish Lira, Pesos. There was definitely a lot more British Pounds than anything else and if I had wanted to take my time with this project and say I don’t know, start during the day (like a normal person) when I could really choose what I wanted to put inside the frame as well as make sure I had a variety of coins, it might have turned out better. But no, I had to do this immediately! So I took an old picture that I didn’t really care for anymore out of this frame, haphazardly put the coins in (as long as they fit nicely it was all good in my book), closed the backing of the frame and voila! Even though I did this without much thought and in the middle of the night, I still love it! It’s a nice craft to do to reminisce on travels long past and even if I do go back to any of these places, the previous trips will be gone, but not forgotten.

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