Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish

A while ago, I posted an Ulta haul and one of the items I got was the Revlon Gel Envy nail polish in High Stakes. It’s supposed to be salon quality and offer “life resistant wear”. I didn’t buy the Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat, but I did use a Revlon top coat.

IMG_4012 IMG_4018


The color is a nice, green color for Christmas. It’s not as glossy as I would like, but maybe if you use the Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat it would have more of a shine. I know there is a matte nail trend going on, but there’s something about shiny nails that I just love.

Day 3

The nails are still looking good, but a little scratched up.

Day 5
IMG_4049 IMG_4050


The nail polish has held up really well! It’s starting to chip a little bit at the tips, but not badly at all. As you can see, you can barely notice that there’s a teeny tiny bit of white outline at the tips of my nails. Pretty impressive for a regular drugstore nail polish and while I wouldn’t say the polish is necessarily “life resistant” it’s awesome that it’s still going [pretty] strong after 5 days!

Day 6
Morning of day 6 and it’s starting to chip. But I’m still happy with how long it lasted considering some polishes chip by the end of the first day!

Have any of you tried the Gel Envy nail polish? I’d love to try more shades. Any suggestions?


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