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    Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

    This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post wasn’t about an experience or a point of view, but actually required me to think about my photography skills. The latest challenge was “Rule of Thirds” which essentially means to have the object of your photo be off-center or basically take up a third of your photo and have the background take up more of the photo. Even though your object is off to the side, it is still in focus leaving a majority of the photo as a blurred background. Fresh flowers are something I love having around the house. They brighten up my day, especially in the winter when so many…

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    Photo Challenge: Scale

    This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Scale”. For a few days I thought I would do an aerial shot from either the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye and showcase the small views of sites such as Notre Dame or Big Ben from high up. Instead, I decided to go with something more personal. Here’s a shot of my best friend’s baby girl and I holding hands as she napped. In this picture she is less than a month old and was so tiny! As my friend and I chatted and hung out, baby girl grabbed onto my fingers and didn’t let go for over an…

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    Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

    It’s Friday Photo Challenge day! This week The Daily Post’s prompt was “Express Yourself”. I spent a few days trying to think of something good for my photo response. I mentioned a few days ago, on my snow day that I came up with an idea and that I hoped it’d turn out well. Here’s what I came up with! “I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” – Maria Sharapova Okay, so I don’t always want to be different – as most of you know I love trying out new trends, but sometimes it’s nice to stand out from the crowd. My…

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    Photo Challenge: Serenity

    It’s finally Friday and that means it’s time for my weekly photo response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge. It was a short work week for me since we had the long weekend. Does anyone else feel like shortened work weeks always end up feeling longer? Well, I’m happy that the weekend is just hours away, but in the meantime I have my “Serenity” photo for you. When I first saw that “Serenity” was the challenge, I immediately thought of some sort of ocean or vacation picture – or even better yet a picture of the ocean while on vacation. Then, as I was backing up/deleting/organizing pictures on my laptop I…

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    Photo Challenge: Shadowed

    Looking for a shadow or the right circumstance to get a good picture that plays with light and dark is not easy. I feel like a lot of times when those shots happen it’s unplanned and just so happens to end up being a really cool picture or you spot it spontaneously and take a picture so when I saw that the new photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Shadowed” I knew I was in for a challenge. Shadow, from natural light, that isn’t for lack of a better description boring or ordinary is really difficult and can feel forced. I spent the week taking random pictures of the shadow…

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    Photo Challenge: Warmth

    My first response of 2015 to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is a new decorative addition to my bedroom. The challenge is Warmth. There’s so many pictures that can encapsulate warmth – a roaring fire, a tropical locale, a loving couple to name a few. On my day-after-Christmas shopping trip, I stopped at Target to grab some essentials I browsed through the home decor section. My bedroom was recently repainted and I am in the process of rearranging, redecorating, etc. I saw this wall hanging on sale and had to have it. As I was waiting to check out, I saw that the new challenge was Warmth and I knew…

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    Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

    As the year begins to come to a close it seems fitting that this past week’s photo challenge was “Gone, But Not Forgotten”.  For this challenge, I decided to photograph a picture frame I have with some coins from countries I’ve visited. Obviously, these countries are not gone and very much still exist, but my trips to those places are long gone, but will never be forgotten. I’d love to do a much larger frame one day, but let me tell you how this came about. Probably 2 or maybe even 3 years ago, I was up late and on Pinterest. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a tendency…

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    Photo Challenge: Converge

    For the latest Daily Post Photo Challenge, I decided to interpret Converge as a meeting of opposites. Christmas time is my favorite and Christmas decorations are at the top of my list of reasons why. I absolutely adore Christmas lights, both inside and outside the house. They just make me happy! This year I strung up some lights around the fireplace in my house. Christmas lights, especially these small white lights give me the feeling of light and happy. They’re pretty and ethereal-like. The fireplace, which is made of brick, is a place of heat, structure, sturdiness. They are quite opposite, but when put together or when they converge they go together really nicely.

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    Photo Challenge: Angular

    For the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post, I really couldn’t think of anything good. The challenge is “Angular”  and I had no ideas! So the best I could come up with were these stairs in my house. We have been doing some remodeling and these are our new stairs. They used to be carpeted and wood color bannister and posts. Now the posts are white, the bannisters are stained mahogany and the stairs are oak with a mahogany stain as well. It’s not the most creative interpretation of angular, but I like showing off the new stairs and the perpendicular lines of the posts meeting the steps is a nice view.

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    Photo Challenge: Minimalist

    Happy Friday! Even though the week went by pretty quickly and I, thankfully, was not drowning in work for the first week in a while, I still felt like it was an exhausting week. Yesterday was a particularly tiring day, which I will actually be posting about soon! Ok, so actually I’m writing this on Thursday night and scheduling this to be posted on Friday morning – I’m tired, cold and it’s flurry-ing outside! So I’m going to keep this short and sweet, which actually works because the past week’s photo challenge was Minimalist. Minimalist can be hard sometimes, because I feel like what usually captures my attention to take a picture…