Photo Challenge: Serenity

It’s finally Friday and that means it’s time for my weekly photo response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge. It was a short work week for me since we had the long weekend. Does anyone else feel like shortened work weeks always end up feeling longer? Well, I’m happy that the weekend is just hours away, but in the meantime I have my “Serenity” photo for you.

When I first saw that “Serenity” was the challenge, I immediately thought of some sort of ocean or vacation picture – or even better yet a picture of the ocean while on vacation. Then, as I was backing up/deleting/organizing pictures on my laptop I came across a picture I took with my phone last winter after it snowed one morning. Freshly fallen snow is incredibly serene. There’s nothing like after the snow has stopped, stepping outside, and hearing absolutely nothing. There’s not a sound to be heard and all you hear is quiet, peace, beauty. There’s a stillness to the air and everything is peaceful and serene. It’s pure serenity.

We haven’t gotten much snow this year. Just an inch here and there. Much different from last winter where we had a big snow storm every week for over a month! While I don’t want piles and piles of snow every week and use up all of our snow days again this year, I do wish we’d get at least some snow. I’m just asking for one or two snow days! Reports last year said that this winter would be a bad one, but so far nothing. Perhaps more is in store for February?

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