Photo Challenge: Scale

This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Scale”. For a few days I thought I would do an aerial shot from either the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye and showcase the small views of sites such as Notre Dame or Big Ben from high up. Instead, I decided to go with something more personal.

IMG_1337 copy
Here’s a shot of my best friend’s baby girl and I holding hands as she napped. In this picture she is less than a month old and was so tiny! As my friend and I chatted and hung out, baby girl grabbed onto my fingers and didn’t let go for over an hour, which I didn’t mind! I think my Instagram caption from that day was something like “No one I’d rather hold hands with for hours”. My friend sent a picture to her husband that said something like “Apparently they’re best friends”.

I’m pretty petite and my hands aren’t that big so imagine how tiny her hands and fingers used to be! Not that they’re that huge now seeing as she’s only 8 months old. I think her little baby fingers wrapped around my fingers is definitely a good example of “scale”!

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