Heart Pie-Cookies

I saw these really cute and really easy cookies on Pinterest a while ago and made a mental note (and pin) to make these around Valentine’s Day. Jenna from The Domestic Diva Diaries made similar cookies recently but hers were in pop form so you should check that out for something a little different!

These pie-cookies were easy to make and were pretty quick to make.

You’ll need a heart shaped cookie cutter, pie crust dough, filling (I used strawberry jam and tried a couple with nutella and marshmallow), milk and sugar. Don’t forget that you’ll need to make 2 hearts per cookie, because you’ll need one heart to put the filling on and then another to cover it.



I covered up the hearts and crimped the edges. Then, I brushed on some milk and sprinkled sugar on top. It goes into the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 370.


The cookies came out tasty, but I need to work on the filling. I think I need to flatten it a bit more. When it was a blob (for lack of a better word), it would ooze out. But then on the ones that I tried to put less filling in to avoid that issue, there wasn’t enough inside and it ended up being a little too hollow. Something to improve upon, but they tasted good nonetheless!

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