Eggs in a Basket - Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast – Eggs in a Basket

I hope you all enjoyed getting that extra hour of sleep with the time change! I was going to start this post off by saying “happy Sunday!” but I think I’d be happier if I didn’t have to think about how the weekend is almost over.

I know, I recently did a breakfast food post, but I’m back with another one. This one is full of simple favorites that all together make a pretty delicious plate. This breakfast isn’t from today – I’m probably just having cereal or something today to be honest. I cut up some potatoes for hash browns, made eggs in a basket, and completed my plate with some freshly cooked bacon and avocado.

For my simple hash browns, I just shred a few potatoes and soaked them in water to get some of the starch out. Then, I fry them in a pan with some oil and season with salt and pepper. I put ketchup on them later when I serve them.

Shredded Potato
Hashbrown 1

If you’ve never made eggs in a basket before, it’s really easy! Just take your bread and cut a hole. I save the bread that I cut out and toast them up so I can dip them in the yolk (if I choose to leave the yolk runny which I didn’t this time around). Put the bread in the pan and crack your egg into the hole. Flip once the bottom has started to brown.

White Bread
Bread with hole
Fried Bread Holes
Eggs in a Basket
Eggs in a Basket 1
Eggs in a Basket - Breakfast
Eggs in a Basket - Breakfast 2
Eggs in a Basket - Breakfast 1

I cooked up some bacon and cut up an avocado which I put some oil, salt, and pepper on. And voila! A full breakfast that is easy to make and definite comfort food!

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