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Have you seen the cool skins and cases some people have on their phones, laptops, and iPads? I have seen some of the cool, customizable skins that CaseApp makes on social media before so I was happy to be contacted by them for a collaboration! I was able to choose two items complimentary and I chose to get a skin for my macbook and my iPad. Both my personal macbook and my iPad are a few years old so I’m happy to say that CaseApp has options for items that aren’t the latest models which was definitely a concern of mine when I first started browsing knowing that the dimensions of products change with each update.

You can upload your own design or photo, but I chose to use their gallery. You can basically customize your skins to however you like. You can choose the color, pattern, design, artwork etc. I chose clip arts for mine and chose the background colors, placement of the art/script and you can make it any size you like.

For my laptop, I chose to make a solid purple toned pink skin and I included a clip art image of a pineapple with the quote “Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.”

For my iPad I chose a white skin and I put the clip art image andΒ Toy Story quote “To infinity & beyond” in black. The font and design is so pretty! I chose this quote because I mostly use my iPad to read and I feel like books can transport you to another time and place.

CaseApp - Skins

The skins are thin and come on this big sheets. I peeled them off the paper and then popped out the holes for things like the speaker and side buttons (on the iPad). One thing I worried when ordering these is that they would be stuck forever on my laptop and iPad. Even if I really liked them (which I do!) – forever is, well, forever. But the website says they’re easy to remove and leave no residue, so that was a relief. And I have to say they are easy to remove! Of course, I still have my skins on, but when putting them on I was able to easily peel them off to fix when they were a little crooked or if I had to smooth out air bubbles.

CaseApp - Laptop Skin
CaseApp - iPad Skin
CaseApp - Laptop & iPad Skins 1
CaseApp - Laptop & iPad Skins 2
CaseApp - Laptop & iPad Skins 3
CaseApp - Laptop & iPad Skins 4

I am seriously loving these skins! There is a texture to them so they’re not cheap feeling or super smooth and slippery. I’m really happy with the designs I created! They definitely jazz up my laptop and iPad and have quotes that I love!

CaseApp was kind enough to give my followers/readers a discount code! If you want to shop at CaseApp use codeΒ ACCORDINGTOJAMIE20 for 20% off! This code is good for the next month – until December 5th! These would make for great holiday gifts!

*These CaseApp skins were sent to me complimentary but all opinions are my own.*

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