Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast

Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast

Happy Saturday! Weekends are the only time I can make breakfast that isn’t something I’m grabbing and eating in my car on my way to work. So today I’m sharing a delicious breakfast post with you that you can make for breakfast, brunch, whatever.

I saw this video on Facebook a long time ago via ChefclubΒ for this Omelette-in-a-hole. I actually forgot that’s what it was called until I searched for the video just now hence why my blog post name is different. It’s similar to the classic eggs in a basketΒ or egg-in-a-hole, but fancier because it’s got peppers, ham, and cheese.

First, I cut up some ham – I just used cold cut/deli ham – and diced a green bell pepper. I also whisked some eggs and seasoned them. The recipe doesn’t call for seasoning the eggs, but I did just for more flavor. The other change I made was I used parmesan instead of mozzarella. I would say use whatever cheese you want and think would taste good with the egg and peppers. Once you’ve got your ham and peppers diced, your eggs beat, and your cheese grated, cut holes in your bread. I used Italian bread. Don’t throw out the bread that you cut out because you will need it!

Warm up the peppers and ham in your pan and then remove from the heat. In a oiled pan, put down a piece of bread with the hole in it. Spoon the mix of peppers and ham in to the hole. Carefully pour in the egg in to the hole. Do this carefully because the first time I did it, it seeped right out of the hole and covered the whole pan! You want to try to keep it just within that hole. Then, top it off with some of the grated cheese and the piece of bread that you cut out. Once the bottom has started to brown, flip it over being mindful of that loose piece of bread you’ve got covering the hole. Once it’s nice and toasted on both sides, remove from heat, and serve it up!

HamGreen Bell PepperParmesanGrated parmesanItalian breadItalian Bread 1Pepper & HamEgg & Pepper Stuffed ToastEgg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 1Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 2Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 3Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 4Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 5Egg & Pepper Stuffed Toast 6

This is so easy to make and delicious too. It’s more steps then your regular egg-in-a-hole, but much more filling if you’re looking for new brunch option!

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