Smokey Salsa Tostadas

If you’re like me, after you make different things for dinner you end up having leftover ingredients. Extra meat, vegetables, cheese, tortillas, etc. One of the things I make that uses refried beans is the rice & bean burritos I recently shared. But when I make those I never use up all the beans in the can. One thing I make to use up some of the beans is tostadas. I made this smokey salsa one last year so the photos are old. My hair stylist grows a lot of vegetables and does a lot of canning. She gifted me this smokey salsa using ingredients from her garden so I used it for my tostadas.

I toasted my tortillas in the oven to crisp them up a little. Then, I spread refried beans on them and sprinkled Mexican blend cheese on them. When that was all melted, I topped it with a healthy dollop of the smokey salsa.

Easy to make and easy to use up some leftover ingredients!

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