Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Happy Friday! Even though the week went by pretty quickly and I, thankfully, was not drowning in work for the first week in a while, I still felt like it was an exhausting week. Yesterday was a particularly tiring day, which I will actually be posting about soon!

Ok, so actually I’m writing this on Thursday night and scheduling this to be posted on Friday morning – I’m tired, cold and it’s flurry-ing outside! So I’m going to keep this short and sweet, which actually works because the past week’s photo challenge was Minimalist.

Minimalist can be hard sometimes, because I feel like what usually captures my attention to take a picture of would be something colorful, exciting or big and not always the small, simple things. I’d have to be really looking, which is something I’m using this weekly photography challenge to help me hone. For this challenge, I took a photo of the last two remaining flowers on the hibiscus plant in my house. In the summer, it flourished outside on my deck and as it got cooler, we moved it inside. These are the two flowers left and I think the flowers amidst the green leaves and blank wall was a minimalist look. Originally, I was planning on making this photo black & white. The original colors were green for the leaves (obviously), light pink flowers, and the wall is blue. While the colors are simple and none of them are very bright, I still wanted to go simpler. I used a free online photo editing app and was about to change the photo to black & white when I decided to click on “old photo” to see what it would look like. The result was this washed out effect, which I really liked.

_MG_3879 edit
 I really liked the effect because you can still see hints of color especially on the tips of the flower petals. It’s not as classic looking as black & white, but in my opinion it still captures the idea and feeling of minimalist. So this post wasn’t quite as short as I had intended, but there’s my take on the photo challenge!


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