• Pink + Maroon Necktie Blouse

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    Pink & Maroon Necktie Blouse

    Happy Saturday! Today is my friend’s wedding and for the past few days I have been swamped with wedding events, work, and an exciting personal thing which if you follow my Instagram stories you’ll know I just closed on a townhouse yesterday! If you follow me on Instagram you probably also saw wedding festivities like my henna. So because I’ve been so busy, the past few days and this weekend’s blog posts have been put together ahead of time. But I plan to write about the wedding – mainly what I’m wearing to it tonight – on the blog in a few days. Today I’m sharing a pink and maroon…

  • Lace Top + Pinafore

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    Restyled: Lace Collared Top + Pinafore

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared a restyling on here so I’m back with a new one. I have been waiting for months to wear this outfit. I had this outfit in my mind for the longest time but it was too cold out to wear it. I first shared this lace collared blouse with floral necktie on here two years ago when I shared what I wore on Thanksgiving. I have also shared this grey pinafore before, but last time I wore it on the blog I wore a sage floral top underneath. In my mind I thought the two would look amazing together and in my opinion…

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    Trend: Necktie Blouse

      Fall Trend: Necktie Blouse by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring black pumps Necktie blouses are a big fashion trend right now and I am an enthusiastic supporter. I’ve even recently worn one myself for Thanksgiving which I posted about (here). I love that blouse! Anyway, because of my love for the trend I knew I had to take part in the necktie blouse style challenge on Polyvore. I decided to go with this white blouse with black necktie and light pink collar for a little pop of color. I paired it with light pink pants to match the collar and I love the gold zip pockets. To match the bold black necktie,…

  • lace-necktie-blouse

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    Thanksgiving OOTD: Lace + Necktie

    Necktie blouses are really in style right now and I found the perfect one for me earlier this fall. When I got it, I knew it would be the perfect blouse to wear for Thanksgiving so I wore it yesterday and I think I love it even more than when I first bought it. Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Pants: Uniqlo I have had some necktie blouses in the past (and still have them) and I’ve even worn them on here. However, those blouses have always had the ties attached to the blouse and I never wore them tied but instead always left them undone. This necktie blouse, on the…