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    Fashion Picks: People’s Choice Awards 2017

    Last night was the annual People’s Choice Awards which means I’m back with a fashion post rounding up my favorite looks from the night! This actually works out perfectly because as I write this (Wednesday night) I’m so exhausted, so all I need to do with this post is share my favorite looks and write a little about why I like each look. No photo editing, no long post detailing what I’m wearing or what I made etc. So basically, I’m keeping this short and sweet! Unlike more formal award ceremonies like the Golden Globes or the Oscars, the People’s Choice Awards are a little more lax so you’re not going…

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    People’s Choice Awards Fashion Picks

    The 2016 awards show season has officially begun with last night’s People’s Choice Awards. I caught a little bit of the awards show but as I did other things throughout the night, I browsed the web for the red carpet fashions. As with most awards shows, I have picked my favorite looks from the evening. Of the red carpet looks I saw, my top 5 were: Kate Hudson – This strapless, white jumpsuit is so simple yet so chic. It’s not very fancy, but the People’s Choice Awards aren’t that formal so it’s fine in my book! Alison Brie – I love Alison’s whole look here! The tasteful cutouts, the light seafoam…

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    People’s Choice Awards: Fashion Picks

    Last night was the 41st annual People’s Choice Awards. I only saw bits and pieces of the awards show and didn’t watch the red carpet, but did look at some of the pictures from the stars’ arrival. Believe it or not, it was not that easy to find pictures last night! I know it’s not one of the big awards shows like the Academy Awards or Golden Globes (which are this weekend), but it’s not like they’re that small either. Anyway, in general, from what I did see/find I was slightly underwhelmed by the fashion choices of last night. Perhaps some of these stars are saving their best styles for…