• Arugula & Basil Pesto


    Arugula & Basil Pesto

    What is one way you de-stress when things are stressful or chaotic in your life or the world? I like going for my monthly massages, especially since my shoulders are forever aching, but since my massage place has been closed due to the pandemic (I can’t wait for it to reopen!) I haven’t had that outlet to relax. One thing I enjoy doing is cooking. A lot of my friends hate to cook, but I actually really like it. The clean-up not so much. I don’t know that I find it relaxing exactly. I always end up sweating from trying to get everything done and prepped, make sure things aren’t boiling…

  • Penne with Pesto


    Penne with Pesto

    I think pesto sauce is incredibly underrated. I mean, I know people eat it and it’s served in restaurants on pastas and flat breads etc., but you don’t hear people talking about it much at all. I love pesto and it’s so easy to make on your own so I thought I’d share a quick post on it. For this recipe, I don’t have exact amounts for the ingredients – it’s a lot of “to taste” and the consistency that you like. You will need, fresh basil, parmigiano reggiano cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, and pepper. I start off with a cup of basil leaves and grate some…