Penne with Pesto

Penne with Pesto

I think pesto sauce is incredibly underrated. I mean, I know people eat it and it’s served in restaurants on pastas and flat breads etc., but you don’t hear people talking about it much at all. I love pesto and it’s so easy to make on your own so I thought I’d share a quick post on it.

For this recipe, I don’t have exact amounts for the ingredients – it’s a lot of “to taste” and the consistency that you like.

You will need, fresh basil, parmigiano reggiano cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, and pepper.

I start off with a cup of basil leaves and grate some cheese. I use a mini prep to mix it all together to make the sauce. The photos below pretty much explain all the steps!

Basil Plant
Garlic + Pine Nuts + Parmigiano
Basil leaves
Grated Parmigiano
Pesto Sauce ingredients
Pesto Sauce
Pesto Sauce 1
Pesto Sauce 2
Pesto Sauce 3
Pesto Sauce + Penne
Penne with Pesto
Penne with Pesto 1
Penne with Pesto 2

I’ve only made pesto sauce to eat with pasta, usually penne. But I definitely want to make it next time to use for sandwiches or chicken. I’ll be sure to document that when I do it!

Do you like pesto?

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