• Orchid Care


    Orchids are some of the prettiest flowers in my opinion. They remind me of the tropics, and I so wish i was on vacation to anywhere tropical right now. My mom is like the queen of orchids. I don’t remember when exactly she started collecting them but it’s been years and she can’t stop herself from buying more every year. Hers bloom without fail every year and then she cuts them back when the flowers fall off and then they regrow/bloom. I have one orchid plant at my condo and while I was watering mine recently I thought it would make for a useful blog post to show how to…

  • Multicolor Mums
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    #fbf Mums

    For this flashback Friday I thought it’d be nice to revisit fall since we’re in the midst of holiday and winter content now. Here’s a look of a pot of multicolor mums I got back in October. When I got the plant it was just buds so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they were multicolor blooms! I love the mix of pink, red, and orange. So pretty! Sadly my mums are no longer and not because it got cold. The snow we got a few weeks ago crushed them and basically broke my poor plant in half! Have a great Friday!

  • Plumeria Leaf

    #fbf Fallen Leaf

    Happy Friday! This week hasn’t been too bad, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend. I’m all about the fall foliage – I’m actually kind of sad that most of the leaves have fallen from the trees here. It’s such a short window of time that the leaves are pretty fall colors on the branches before they’re all gone! Anyway, as I was saying I’m all about the fall foliage and falling leaves, but for today’s flashback Friday #fbf I thought I’d share a tropical leaf. I took this photo last October on my parents deck. A leaf from their plumeria plant fell and landed right in between the two…

  • Bird Baths & Plants

    Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

    Happy Friday! Now that I’m back to work I’m super happy it’s Friday! Okay, I know it’s only been 2 days back at work and the students haven’t even come in yet, but still. For last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, participants were challenged to share a photo of something that is guaranteed to distract them hence the “Ooh, Shiny!” challenge name. Something that is sure to distract me and stop me in my tracks to take photos of? Flowers! When I was leaving the supermarket recently I saw these potted flowers for sale on top of these pretty ceramic bird baths! The beautiful gold detailing on the…

  • planters
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    Decorate with Planters

      Decorate with Planters by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring plastic planters My favorite thing about spring is all the new and fresh flowers. Fresh blooms can brighten your day with their sheer beauty and beautiful fragrance. Planters are a great way to house your plants and flowers, especially the larger variety, and they’re also decorative pieces. In the above set from Polyvore, I’ve rounded up some planters that I think would make great decor pieces depending on the look you’re going for. My favorite are the blue & white ones because lately I’ve been on a total blue & white kick. I may or may not have spent some time online recently…

  • succulent-christmas-tree

    Photo Challenge: Resilient

    Happy Friday! My first week back to work hasn’t been too bad and aside from those first day blues I’ve adjusted to being back. Well, other than being exhausted all week. Last Friday when the new weekly photo challenge was announced (“Resilient“) I was at Longwood Gardens taking in all of the holiday decorations before they were all taken down. I checked my phone and scrolled through my WordPress Reader to see what the new challenge was, hoping that it would be something that I could get a photo of at the gardens. The gardens had amazing and elaborate decorations and multiple Christmas trees amongst them. Every tree was completely…

  • DIY Air Plant Terrarium
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    DIY Air Plant Terrariums

    Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago here in the US and prior to it I was trying to figure out a gift for my mom. She’s so hard to shop for because she’s one of those people who never seem to want nor need anything. I decided to go with a different kind of gift this year and got her two DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kits from Air Plant Design Studio. I first heard about this company and their DIY air plant kits from blogger Cooking With a Wallflower and they looked like they’d be a really neat gift idea. I ordered the Classic Air Plant Terrarium Kit and the Vibrant…