DIY Air Plant Terrarium
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DIY Air Plant Terrariums

Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago here in the US and prior to it I was trying to figure out a gift for my mom. She’s so hard to shop for because she’s one of those people who never seem to want nor need anything. I decided to go with a different kind of gift this year and got her two DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kits from Air Plant Design Studio. I first heard about this company and their DIY air plant kits from blogger Cooking With a Wallflower and they looked like they’d be a really neat gift idea.

I ordered the Classic Air Plant Terrarium Kit and the Vibrant Air Plant Terrarium Kit. When my kits first arrived, the terrarium for the Vibrant kit came shattered but after a few email exchanges I was sent a new terrarium a week later. Below I have some photos of the steps to put the kits together as well as my latest YouTube video for a step-by-step look at the whole process! Please watch by clicking on the video below and subscribe for future videos 🙂

DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kit
Classic Air Plant Terrarium Kit

The Classic Air Plant Kit comes with three air plants, sand, the glass terrarium, and rope for if you want to hang the terrarium.

Before putting the kit together, you need to water the air plants which means soaking them upside down for 10-15 minutes and then leaving them out to dry completely (suggested 4 hours) before putting them inside the terrarium.

DIY Air Plant Terrarium Kit 1
Air Plants
Classic Air Plant Terrarium

The Vibrant Air Plant Kit comes with three air plants again, moss, and a red ribbon for hanging.

Vibrant Air Plant Terrarium Kit
Vibrant Air Plant Terrarium
DIY Air Plant Terrarium

The air plants are extremely low maintenance and only require to be watered once a week (the soaking method I mentioned earlier). If the plants are looking thirsty before the week is up just mist them with a spray bottle. They need indirect sunlight and that’s it! Easy to take care of and cute to have out on a table or hanging up!

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