• Chobani Frozen Yogurt Bites


    Frozen Yogurt Bites with Chobani

    Last week, I promised to post a healthier food option for the Super Bowl and today is that day! When I heard that Chobani had a challenge to create tasty, yet healthier, game day foods using their Greek yogurt I was all for it. You guys know I love a challenge! So the brainstorming began. I decided I wanted to be different and do a dessert because when I think of the Super Bowl I think of cheesy, greasy foods. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, in fact I’m all for them, but it’s nice to have a healthier and more refreshing option when you’re surrounded by foods that will make your stomach…

  • Cheeseburger Dip


    Cheeseburger Dip

    So you know when you scroll down your Instagram feed, there’s occasionally those sponsored posts from brands as a form of advertisement? Well, a few weeks ago I saw one of those sponsored posts from Walmart and they had a picture up of Cheeseburger Dip which looked so good. I thought it would be perfect for the Super Bowl so I looked up the recipe and I decided I needed to make it before the big game in case any of you want to try it out! I mostly followed the Walmart recipe, which you can find here, but I found two discrepancies with the recipe. First off, the picture that…

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    Super Bowl Food & Fav Commercials

    Did any of you watch the Super Bowl? I was disappointed that the Seahawks didn’t win, but oh well. I tried to pay attention to all the commercials so that I could share with you all my favorite ones. For any of my readers from other countries who may not be familiar, the commercials during the Super Bowl get just as much attention as the actual game. Companies actually pay a lot of money to get spots during the game. In my opinion, there weren’t that many memorable commercials this year and I saw a few that I thought were just plain depressing! I usually like either the really cute/sweet ones…