• Heart Peplum Sweater

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    Heart Peplum Sweater

    Another sick day for me. I felt worse yesterday than I have since this whole thing started on Friday. Let’s hope that was the worst of it and today I can rest properly since yesterday I was too uncomfortable to rest. Let’s look at an outfit and photos of me when I was healthier and happier, shall we? I wore this black peplum sweater with abstract white hearts all over last week to work. When I wore it to work I wore it with fitted black ankle pants, but here I wore it with white pants and black heels for a fun bright pop. When I got this sweater I…

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    Red Velvet Cold Shoulder Dress

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not super in to the holiday, but I don’t hate it either. I like the cheesiness of it like all the candies, flowers, and decorations, but I’ve never been one of those people that need to make a big deal about it or make a big stink about it if I don’t have a valentine. My plans today are pretty much to work and then watch more of the Olympics!  This dress is from last year but I knew it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day so I wanted to share it today. This red velvet dress has shoulder cutouts, a cut out at the chest,…