Heart Peplum Sweater
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Heart Peplum Sweater

Another sick day for me. I felt worse yesterday than I have since this whole thing started on Friday. Let’s hope that was the worst of it and today I can rest properly since yesterday I was too uncomfortable to rest.

Let’s look at an outfit and photos of me when I was healthier and happier, shall we? I wore this black peplum sweater with abstract white hearts all over last week to work. When I wore it to work I wore it with fitted black ankle pants, but here I wore it with white pants and black heels for a fun bright pop. When I got this sweater I was pleasantly surprised with how thick it is. It’s actually a nice, thick sweater but it’s super soft and not a rough sweater which tends to happen with thicker sweaters. I love it!

Heart Peplum SweaterHeart Peplum Sweater 1Heart Peplum Sweater 2Heart Peplum Sweater 3Heart Peplum Sweater 4Heart Peplum Sweater 5Heart Peplum Sweater 6Heart Peplum Sweater 7Heart Peplum Sweater 8Heart Peplum Sweater 9Heart Peplum Sweater 10Heart Peplum Sweater 11Heart Peplum Sweater 12Heart Peplum Sweater 13Heart Peplum Sweater 14Heart Peplum Sweater 15Heart Peplum Sweater 16Heart Peplum Sweater 17Heart Peplum Sweater 18Heart Peplum Sweater 19Heart Peplum Sweater 20Heart Peplum Sweater 21

Sweater: LOFT (here) | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: DSW | Earrings: Amazon (here)

I finished off the look with my pear shaped earrings that I love so much from Amazon. Easily one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve made!

I love this sweater. It’s so soft and cozy and can be dressed up or down so easily. Dress it up like I did here with white pants and heels or dress it down with jeans. It may have a heart print all over making it perfect for Valentine’s Day, but it’s black and white and can be worn any time of year. And bonus – it’s currently 60% off!

Please cross your fingers for me that I can go back to work tomorrow – I’m going stir crazy!

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