• xoxo sweatshirt
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    XOXO Sweatshirt

    Well, the sickness bug got me. I’ve spent the past week doing everything I can (though apparently not enough) to not get sick. So many of my students have been out sick and a lot of staff have been out too. I was supposed to have a fairly busy weekend and had to cancel everything. I’m writing this ahead of time (Saturday night) so hopefully when I wake up I’ll be feeling better. If not, I’ll have to go to the doctor, but I’m hoping to get through it without having to go. On to the point of today’s post though. I’m sharing another sweatshirt that’s perfect for a casual…

  • Love love love sweatshirt
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    Love Sweatshirt

    I love a good seasonal or holiday tee or sweatshirt, so it comes as no surprise that I stocked up on a few Valentine’s sweatshirts this year. I posted a roundup of some cute graphic tees and sweatshirts for the holiday over the weekend and today I’m sharing one of those sweatshirts. Last month I met up with Lauren for a little shoot. Little because we did this one super quick, not because we did less looks – I did 3. But, it was super windy and only like 25 degrees so we made it really quick before I froze to death! The one Valentine’s outfit that I did for…

  • Be Mine Tee
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    Be Mine & Strawberry Ice Cream Milk Shake

    It’s a snow day! (I’m writing this ahead of time so I don’t know if there’s snow on the ground or not). The snow day was called last night and with my cold I’m so thankful for a day off to just rest! If you liked my grey sweatshirt with heart print on the elbow that I posted yesterday, then I have another casual Valentine’s top for you today. I have a handful (or two) of Christmas tees and sweatshirts, but nothing for Valentine’s Day so when I saw this red tee that says “Be Mine” I had to have it. The varsity stripes the perfect touch too! On the…