• Capitol Rotunda
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    Capitol Dome

    Yesterday was a long, but good day in the city. I went to a book launch event and had a great time. But more on that in a post this weekend! Now I’ve got a lot of housekeeping things to take care of (literally and figuratively – laundry and cooking but also blog work). While scrolling through photos on my phone I came across my photos from my trip to Washington, DC during the holidays. I saw these photos I took in the Capitol Building – in the rotunda. They are shots looking up at the fresco painted on ceiling of the dome. I vaguely remember our tour guide saying…

  • Del Mar - Paella de Pescado y Marisco
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    DC Diary: Food & Heading Home

    I’m back home in NJ! My trip to DC was a nice few days away and now I’m busy with Secret Santa with friends and New Year’s Eve. I have exactly 1 day (New Year’s Day) to just stay home and not have to do anything before I go back to work. In the meantime while I’ve got a few spare moments, I wanted to share where and what I ate in DC and recap my last day aka my drive home. When I arrived in DC on Wednesday, we pretty much only had time to settle in to the hotel, walk around, and then go to dinner. We had…

  • National Portrait Gallery

    DC Diary: Museum Hopping

    Today I head home from my little trip to DC. It was a good amount of time in the city, although there is more that I need to come back to see. I didn’t get to go to Alexandria, as previously planned due to holiday hours for the water taxi, and we didn’t want to rush. There are also so many more museums I want to see and ones that I want to spend more time in. But, 2 full days in DC was a nice little trip and I’d never been here during the holidays. Yesterday was rainy for most of the day so it worked out well that…

  • Washington DC - Reflection Pool

    DC Diary: Capitol, Memorials, & Ice Skating

    Yesterday was our first full day in D.C. for this little trip and we made the most of it for sure. After eating breakfast at the hotel, we headed down to the Capitol for a tour. I don’t think I’ve ever toured the Capitol before but I could be wrong. If I have it would’ve been when I was really young hence not remembering it. We had tickets for 10:50 so we just had to wait in line to go through security and then picked up our tickets and joined one of the timed groups. It was cool to see inside and learn a little more about the building and…

  • Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf

    Washington, D.C. – Roadtrip + The Wharf

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Washington, D.C. I would say at least 8 years, so my family’s little road trip there this week will be nice for sightseeing. We planned this a few weeks ago, before the government shut down, but supposedly everything is open until at least January 1 so hopefully we won’t really be effected by it. The drive down from our town in New Jersey to D.C. is supposed to take around 4 hours, but traffic was horrendous yesterday so it took us longer. I took photos to document the trip so I’m including a few road trip photos here. When we…