Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf

Washington, D.C. – Roadtrip + The Wharf

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Washington, D.C. I would say at least 8 years, so my family’s little road trip there this week will be nice for sightseeing. We planned this a few weeks ago, before the government shut down, but supposedly everything is open until at least January 1 so hopefully we won’t really be effected by it.

The drive down from our town in New Jersey to D.C. is supposed to take around 4 hours, but traffic was horrendous yesterday so it took us longer. I took photos to document the trip so I’m including a few road trip photos here. When we arrived, we checked in to our hotel, Canopy by Hilton. We are staying in The Wharf area of the city and it’s nice. Lots of Christmas lights and boats and boats decorated with Christmas lights. And a bunch of restaurants and things in the immediate area including a little cute smores truck with a fire pit. After settling in to our hotel, we took a walk around the area, walked out on the pier, saw the Christmas tree in The Wharf, saw the ice skating rink which we might take a spin on tonight, and then went to La Vie for our dinner reservation. I’ll be posting a food post later on in the week with all my food photos, but for now here are a handful of photos from today!

DC Road tripDC Road Trip - TrafficDC Road Trip 1DC Road trip 2

Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf
Hotel lobby

Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf 1Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf 2Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf 4Canopy by Hilton - Washington DC The Wharf 3Washington DC WharfWashington DC Wharf 2Washington DC Wharf 1

Washington DC Wharf 3
I spy the Washington Monument

Washington DC Wharf 4Washington DC Wharf 5Washington DC Wharf 6Washington DC Wharf - Christmas TreeWashington DC Wharf - Christmas Tree 1Washington DC Wharf 7Washington DC Wharf - Ice skatingWashington DC - La VieWashington DC Wharf 8

That’s it for my arrival/first day here in D.C. Today is my first real day here for the trip and we’ve got tickets to see the Capitol and then maybe some of the monuments and other outdoor things since it is supposed to be a nice day.

Follow my Instagram for more live updates and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of today!

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