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Keeping Skin Looking Radiant Throughout Winter

As the winter chill bites your skin, it actually sucks the moisture out of your skin cells. It’s a strange thing for most people because you would think that a hot sun of summer would do that. True, summer does mean you need to moisturize your skin more frequently but winter is probably just as prominent in this category. The thing is, there’s no humidity in the air during winter. This means that any natural oils on skin slowly begin to evaporate because there’s simply no equilibrium. The fact that there is water in the air means that your oils are not being sucked off your skin. The exact opposite in winter is occurring. Hence why if you suffer from eczema, summer and winter are pretty much the same. The only difference is, the winter dry skin slowly comes on and most people don’t notice it until they’re in their bed at night scratching subconsciously. So how can you make sure your skin is looking great, despite how much winter is trying to make it dry and lifeless?

The secret tunnel
Of all the places on your face, you actually lose a lot of moisture from your lips. Eyes can dry up but they are constantly being rejuvenated by your eyelids and glands. And although your face has a lot of surface area for water to escape, the many layers of skin help to cease the loss of moisture as much as possible. So the secret tunnel that winter will dig into your skin is through your lips. Chapped and dry lips can often hurt because they can become so dry that they crack and split your skin. This just shows you how important it is to make sure you carry with you a lip balm. A chapstick is good but a balm is better as it generally lasts longer on the surface.

It trickles down
If you are losing moisture from your face maybe you shouldn’t moisturize your face first. You’re fighting the wrong battle and one that looks like you’re going to lose anyway. Start at the top and you’ll see that actually, losing moisture from you skin is a trickle down problem. Begin by hydrating and exfoliating your scalp more often during the winter. The more water and moisture your hair and scalp have, the more your body has to move around your face. It’s a game of rationing which your body plays during the winter months.

Stop the tightness
The cold air feels like it bites your skin. This is because your skin is actually tightening from the cold. Consider a facial toner for sale which could help your skin retain a little more flexibility and bounce. Toners bring back the stretchiness in your skin so the winter chill doesn’t make your face feel tight.

Keeping skin looking its best during the winter is far tougher than in the summer. Yet we don’t pay much attention to dry skin during the colder months until it’s already upon us. Make these few changes and you’ll never feel the bite of winter again.

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