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Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme

Tatcha is a brand that I’d been wanting to try for ages. I’d seen their ads, posts, etc. of their luxurious products for a long time and had been interested especially in their rice enzyme line. Tatcha is a Japanese brand and their rice enzymes supposedly use ingredients and ancient recipes that are the secret behind the flawless, radiant skin of geishas.

The rice enzyme product that I decided to get was the Polished Classic one. It’s described as, “The true secret to the geisha’s radiant skin is gentle, daily exfoliation. The Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder softens, exfoliates, and conditions, revealing baby-soft skin every day…Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder is a creamy, water-activated exfoliant that polishes skin daily for a radiant finish. Formulated with nourishing Japanese rice bran blended with papaya extracts, it reduces the look of fine lines and addresses uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts. Pearl protein extract conditions and balances your skin while natural exfoliants gently polish away dullness and dead skin cells, leaving your skin prepared for any follow-up treatments.”

What’s also cool is apparently your purchase of a Tatcha skin care item will “send an incredible girl to school for day through our Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership.” How cool is that? It’s like a win-win!


The packaging just screams luxury to me with it’s chic box and sleek white container. The rice enzyme is a powder and as you can see in the photo above, there is a sliding tab so you can shake out just what you want and it keeps the powder from getting messy. The directions say to pour out about a half teaspoon onto wet hands. You then massage the powder onto your face in circular motions, avoiding your eyes. When I first poured out the powder I thought it would feel gritty on my face but surprisingly it feels so milky and creamy as you massage it in. It felt so relaxing and nice!

I believe Tatcha says this can be used daily, but with that price tag I’m not about to use it all up so quickly! I’m planning to use it as a nice exfoliator just once or twice a week. I’ve only used it a few times so far but I have noticed that immediately after using it my skin feels tighter, but not dry. The next morning my skin felt baby soft and smooth.

There are a few other options in the rice enzyme powder line from Tatcha that I’d love to try in the future like the Indigo one which is supposed to reduce skin redness and support natural collagen. Overall, I’m really happy I decided to treat myself to this exfoliator! If any of you have used Tatcha products before I’d love to hear your other recommendations!

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