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Black & White Scandi Scarf

Is it the weekend yet? I would love to be able to stay under my cozy covers and sleep in just a little bit. But since that’s not possible today I’ll share this cozy black & white scandi scarf I got in my December Aster Market Box. The scarf is made by Up North Market and is handcrafted and extremely well made.


This scarf is a little long but that’s what makes it the perfect length to wrap around my neck. It’s always weird when you have a scarf that can’t properly wrap around your neck because it’s too short and you’re left with little stubby ends of the scarf. No awkward length here!

I love the black and white color scheme making it easy to match with pretty much everything. And the design is so pretty and intricate considering this is all handcrafted.

I hope you’re all finding some coziness in your Thursday!

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