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#Iconic VoxBox

A few weeks ago I was surprised with a Influenster VoxBox – the #Iconic VoxBox. Usually Influenster emails ahead of time to let me know I would be receiving a box and the app has it set up for me to check in my box once I receive it. I didn’t know if it was a mistake or if it was a surprise gift, but I did a quick search on Instagram using the #iconicvoxbox hashtag and found a bunch of people who had gotten it without knowing ahead of time as well. Within a few hours after receiving it the app was updated and I was able to check it in.

The box was full of goodies. I’ve been trying them out the past few weeks so here is a round up!

Iconic VoxBox

Iconic VoxBox 1

The first thing I used was the Origins Active Charcoal Mask, which I’ve used before years ago. Active charcoal is becoming increasingly popular and this mask has been around for a long time. It always makes me skin feel nice and clean.

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

Possibly my favorite item from the box is the Go Smile Teeth Whitening Gel. The toothpaste is your standard mint flavored toothpaste, but the gel is clear and tasteless. All you have to do is put a small amount on your toothbrush along with your toothpaste and brush. So much easier than whitening strips and I love that it doesn’t taste like anything. I’m actually really weird about putting stuff on my teeth and in my mouth. A while ago I was offered one of those charcoal teeth whitening toothpastes in exchange for a review and I turned them down because the thought of brushing my teeth with black powder really freaked me out. This has been great and you can see the results almost immediately. After just a day or two my teeth already looked whiter. The whitening gel is definitely something I plan to purchase on my own and they sell it at Ulta so super convenient!

Go Smile Teeth Whitening

Another item that I’ve tried before and love are the Patchology lip and eye gels. I wrote about them a while ago in this post (here). What’s great about the Wink & Kiss packets are that the eye and lip gels are individually packed in sachets so there’s no risk of the rest of the gels to dry out or get dirty. I love these because they’re so hydrating and feel so cool and refreshing on the under eye and lips.

Pachology Wink & Kiss

I was sent false lashes from Velour. I’m not a false lash person. The only time I’ve worn false lashes are when a makeup artist put them on me when I was a bridesmaid twice. Same makeup artist in fact. She didn’t put full strips on me, but individual lashes. I’ve tried to put false lashes on myself before and it didn’t really work. These Velour lashes weren’t too difficult to put on, but definitely too dramatic for me! They did look nice though.

Velour LashesVelour Lashes 1Velour Lashes 2

Over the weekend, I tried out the St. Moriz Wash Off Tan. This self-tanner washes off with soap and water so it’ll basically just last until you shower, which is cool. This is the first self tanner I’ve used. The only similar thing I’ve used is the Jergens Natural Glow which is a moisturizer that gradually tans you. It didn’t come with a mitt, but I figured since it’s a wash off tan I could get away with using my hands and not stain them if I just wash them right away. The product was a lot more syrupy than I was expecting. It didn’t streak. I didn’t use a whole lot of product because I didn’t want to turn orange or too dark. But it definitely added some color. Also, it smells nice. I always hear about self tanners smelling pretty bad, so I wanted to take note of the smell of this and it actually smells good so that’s a bonus.

St. Moriz Wash Off Tan

The last product is the perfume Hope. This was just a small sample, but it smells so good! it’s made from four white flowers: lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose. It smells really feminine and floral without being too sweet. What’s really cool about this perfume is that 100% of the net profit goes to depression research at HDRF (Hope for Depression Research) – a foundation started by the founder of “Hope” in memory of her mother.

Hope Perfume

That rounds up the #Iconic VoxBox. I really liked everything in the box. I probably wouldn’t repurchase the self-tanner or the false lashes. I already own the Patchology lip and eye gels and have owned the Origins mask before and would probably repurchase it myself. I definitely plan to repurchase the Teeth Whitening Gel and the perfume!

*These products were sent to me for free but all opinions are my own.*

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