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Patchology Lip & Eye Gels

Patchology is a brand that I have heard of for a long time but never got around to trying out. I first heard of their lip gels when I was on the Joyus website and saw a video. These little lip shaped masks for your lips looked so funny but intriguing. Then, I found out they made eye gels too! So during one of Ulta’s 20% off sales, I picked them both up. I’ve only used both twice so far and although both are supposed to be able to be used daily I’m using them sparingly. Why? Because the eye gels come with 30 pairs and the lip gels come with 24 and they cost $50 each so I’m not about to use them all up within a month!

Patchology - Lip & Eye Gels

Patchology - Lip Gel
Patchology - Eye Gels

First up, the Eye Gels. Patchology describes them as:

“Highly advanced cooling and refreshing translucent hydrogel patches accelerate the delivery of essential ingredients caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen. Stay-put patches ensure you get the ingredients where you need them most. The result is a smoother, brighter, more youthful appearance.”

Patchology - Eye Gels 1
Patchology - Eye Gels 2

What I like about these is that they feel so cool under the eyes and they definitely do stay put as advertised! They are hydrating but they don’t have an abundance of excess serum seeping out like when you wear a sheet mask and it gets messy and drippy. The eye gels actually stay right where you put them. And when I took them off I just massaged in the serum that was left on my skin but it wasn’t so much serum that it was super wet and you didn’t know what to do with it all like with some sheet masks.

The Lip Gels are similar. They stayed right on my lips and provided hydration. They didn’t have as much excess to massage in as the eye gels but there was still some. Patchology describes them as:

“Lip renewal FlashPatch 5 minute hydrogels provide deep hydration to soften and smooth lips, leaving them perfectly prepped for make-up.
Patchology’s hydrasurge5 moisture system features advanced hydrogel patch technology that sends the most powerful moisturizing ingredients to your lips faster. Niacinamide, peptides and green tea extract soothe and deliver antioxidant benefits. Say hello to lips that are ready for action. You have every reason to pout. Latex free and biodegradable. Ideal for all skin types.”

Patchology - Lip Gels 1
Patchology - Lip Gels 2

I think it’s so cute how the lip gels are shaped like lips! They have a glittery look to them too which makes them fun. They have a fruity smell to them, but there’s no taste.

Both the eye gels and lip gels only need 5 minutes but you’re welcome to leave them on longer if you want! I’ve been enjoying this more targeted pampering. It’s definitely a nice 5 minute treat for my under eyes and lips!

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