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    Vintage Love: Retro Sunglasses

      Vintage Love: Retro Sunglasses by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring mid rise skinny jeans I planned to have this post go live weeks ago before I knew that today was the solar eclipse! Now these sunglasses won’t help you during the eclipse, but still seems a fitting post! If you know me, you know I love sunglasses. They’re the perfect accessory any time of year and I love to match them with what I’m wearing. As you know, everything old is always new again so these large framed YSL vintage sunglasses are the perfect retro/vintage love piece as well as an item that could probably be hot right now! The rose gradient…

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    Heavy Metal: Metallic Dress

      Heavy Metal: Metallic Dress by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a handbag purse We’re right in the season of holiday parties and I, for one, love to have a reason to get dressed up! When Polyvore had a metallic dress challenge, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to come up with a formal holiday party look. I chose this  Yves Saint Laurent dark green metallic strapless dress with a large bow design. This gorgeous dress is artsy and elegant at the same time. Since the dress makes such a statement with the bow I opted for no jewelry. Instead I opted for a blinged out Judith Lieber clutch with crystal embellishments…

  • YSL Covetable Courture Beauty Icons

    YSL Covetable Couture Beauty Icons

    Oh Monday. It’s the first day back to work for me after my winter break off. You know that feeling you get when you’re just so ecstatic to wake up early and head to work after a nice break? No? Me either. To brighten up my day a bit though I’m here to tell you about this Yves Saint Laurent Covetable Couture Beauty Icons kit that I got as a Sephora Beauty Insider points perk. I’ve never tried anything YSL before and when I saw that I had enough points to redeem this kit of mini sized products I had to grab it so I could give these popular items…