Tissue Paper Pom Pom Gift Topper

Tissue paper pom poms are so popular these days for decoration and I know a few people who have made them to hang for parties and things. Everyone always says they are so easy to make and I saw so many tutorials (claiming to be simple) on Pinterest to modify these hanging pom poms into gift toppers. This past weekend I went to a college friend’s bridal shower and I decided I was going to try to be crafty and make a flower pom pom out of tissue paper to top off the gift wrapping. To prepare I had watched a few short YouTube tutorials a few days prior and looked at a number of Pinterest and blog posts giving step-by-step instructions. Well either they all lied to me or I am just terrible with tissue paper. It was not easy at all!! No matter what I did it just did not look right and even though I followed the steps exactly my version just did not look anything close to what it was supposed to look like. After a lot of messing around with it and fluffing to make it look like a flower I ended up with a decent looking gift topper….I think at least! The main tutorial I looked at while doing this was from Simply Modern Mom.


IMG_5907 IMG_5908

IMG_5911 IMG_5912

photo (1)

The final product!

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