15 Things I Won’t Wear

Last week Nessa from That Chic Fashion Blog tagged me in a post she did about the 15 things she won’t wear. I decided to make my own list. I started a list and whenever something came to mind, because I couldn’t think of 15 things off the top of my head, I wrote it down.

Below are 15 things that I won’t wear. Some are because they’re just not my style and some are because I don’t have the body type to pull them off.

  1. Red Lipstick – Technically this is beauty and not fashion related, but anyway, you won’t find me wearing red lips. It’s just not my thing. The only time I’ve ever worn red lipstick is for dance recitals every year from when I was young until I graduated high school. I like more natural colors for lips like pinks, nudes, your lips but better looks.
  2. Excessive Animal Print – That Chic Fashion Blog also had this on her list. I’m not a big fan of animal prints. A little bit is ok here and there, but I wouldn’t wear a whole outfit of it or incorporate it heavily into a look. For example, a wallet or bathing suit is one thing, a coat or pants is another.
  3. Side Cutouts – While I’m a fan of back cutouts in tops and dresses, side cutouts are another thing. No one needs to see my love handles!
    forever21cutout Source: Forever 21
  4. Body Chains – So I don’t really get the point of body chains? I guess they can be pretty, but I just don’t see the point or myself wearing them.
    peoplemagbodychain Source: People Magazine 
  5. Super High Slits – Slits in dresses can be glamorous and/or sexy, but when they are too high a la Kendall Jenner’s dress at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards it’s just too much for me. You’re practically naked!
    peoplemaghighslitSource: People Magazine 
  6. Very Baggy Clothing – I’m all for the flowy looks and occasional billowy top, but I can’t wear very baggy clothing. I’m talking about the kind of baggy that the Olsen twins sometimes wear. It’s just not my style. Maybe it can be pulled off if you’re really skinny, but for me I think I would feel like I’m swimming in excess material.
    olsendailymail Source: Daily Mail 
  7. Mix & Match Bathing Suit – I wish I could do this, but I just can’t! I see some cute mixing & matching with bikini tops and bottoms at the beach, but something about my personality just won’t allow me to do that myself. It’s one of those things that’s cute on other people, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
  8. High Waisted Jeans – I have a short torso, so high waist jeans just wouldn’t work on me.
  9. Drop Crotch Pants – I just think these look funny. I’m sure they’re comfortable, but I find them too comical to wear. They remind me of penguins because I feel like you should waddle when you wear them.
    urbanoutfitters drop crotch Source: Urban Outfitters 
  10. T-Shirt Dresses – These are another clothing item that I think you could pull off more successfully if you’re really skinny otherwise cuts like this that aren’t as fitted or have much shape can make you look bigger than you are. Maybe if they were cinched at the waist with a belt it could work for me.
  11. Chokers – I have this thing about things being too close to my neck so chokers are a no-go for me.
  12. Tops that don’t cover your butt in leggings – Leggings are not regular pants! You won’t find me wearing leggings with a top that doesn’t cover my bottom.
  13. Clear Purse – I think having a purse that is clear kind of defeats one of the purposes of a purse.peoplemag clear purseSource: People Magazine
  14. Leather Pants – Just not for me. If you can pull them off, more power to you! I just don’t see myself in them. Plus, when I think about leather pants I think about that “Friends” episode where Ross tries to get the pants off.
  15. Uggs & Shorts – I used to see this trend a lot when I substitute taught middle school a few years ago. This is just a confusing look. Either it’s too cold to be wearing shorts hence the Uggs or it’s too hot to be wearing Uggs hence the shorts. Pick one!

There you have it! 15 things that I wouldn’t wear. Obviously these are just my opinions based on my style, body type, and personality. Is there anything that you wouldn’t wear?


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