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Super Bowl Food Ideas

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Since tomorrow’s the Super Bowl I thought I would share some food ideas for any of you that are still unsure of what to serve your guests, what to bring to a party, or just some treats for yourself!
  • Wings are usually a staple food item for the Super Bowl. If you haven’t already placed an order for wings it’s going to be pretty hard to get them now, but you can get frozen ones or try making your own.
  • I love making different kinds of dips for these kinds of gatherings because people always love dip! There’s so many different kinds you can make like taco dip, 7 layer dip, or even just salsa. Last year I made a spinach dip inside a bread bowl – one of my favs.
  • Nachos are always good and you can make different kinds (depending on how many people) for different preferences.

As you can see, these are all finger foods which I think is the best route to go for something like the Super Bowl if you are going to have a lot of people. Generally people are going to be hanging around in front of the TV and it would be hard to eat foods that would require a table to eat it. I have made pasta salad for it before which is easy enough to eat with no difficulty. Some other ideas are the BBQ Chicken Crescent Rolls and the Pull-Apart Pizza that I’ve shared recently.

Do you have any foods you love to serve for game days?

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