The Cozies - The Legend of Operation Moonlight

Book Review: The Cozies – The Legend of Operation Moonlight

I recently finished reading The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight and wanted to tell you guys a little about this fun, whimsical book.

The Cozies - The Legend of Operation MoonlightThe Cozies - The Legend of Operation Moonlight 1

The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight is a story told by Thursby, an English lop rabbit. He is a figment of imagination and talks about figmentology. The idea is that when children are just babies, they create these figments (Cozies) and once these imaginary figures exist, they exist forever even once the child has gotten older and can’t see them anymore.

Operation Moonlight came about because the baby of the family Thursby and his friends have been with for years (Thursby came about when the baby’s great grandfather was a child) has been kidnapped. Thursby and his fellow Cozies (Musetta, Gubbins, Rumple, Gracie, and Ruby) hatch a plan to try to save the baby.

The book was a really fun read and I loved how imaginative it was. The cover says it’s for “adult-like kids and child-like adults”, but I think it’s much more for an adult audience than a young audience as much of the little details and parts of the story are geared more towards adults. For example, Thursby is telling back this story at a conference and talks about some crashers in the audience who wandered in from the “Green Dreams: Absinthe in Victorian England” seminar or when he makes a reference to Freud. There are also just aspects of the story that seem more mature. Like when Thursby spends time with Augie (the great grandfather) who is now an old man and he says,

Grabbing handfuls of sweater, I continued up to Great-grandfather’s shoulder. Only thin white wisps of hair remained. His skin resembled the skin of his youth about as much as a raisin resembles a grape. But inside him, I knew, was the little boy whose childhood whimsy had created me long ago.

So beautifully written conveying such emotion – the kind of writing that I think would go over the heads of young children.

I’ll leave you with two short excerpts that I loved enough to make note of.

Follow your dream, and you might find that the you you dream is you.

Imagination is the key to all good, Ladies and Gentlemen, whether used to build a bridge or to sympathize with others. It is the ability to picture what does not yet exist, and to feel what has never been felt.

I really enjoyed the story and it’s the kind of book that I can imagine myself writing as I think I’m much better at coming up with imaginative/fantastical ideas rather than realistic fiction. Maybe this will inspire me to write my own story one day!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to revisit their childhood with a fun, whimsical story about imaginary beings trying to save the day!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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