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Lit Cosmetics – Glitters & Metals

A few weeks ago Lit Cosmetics were kind enough to send me some of their glitter kits to celebrate the Winter Olympics. Since we can’t all be in Pyeongchang to witness the games in person, we can at least be glittering here stateside to celebrate!

Lit Cosmetics - glitter kit

I was sent 3 sets – 2 from the Lit Metals collection. The colors I got were: Smitten + Gold, Escape + Gold, and Hot Chocolate (the only one not from the Lit Metals collection).

Each set comes with the powder/glitter, a glitter base, an applicator, and a little rubber brush with spikes, which I’m not sure what it’s for but I was thinking it might be for your eyelashes because these glitters can be applied to the lashes too.

Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + GoldLit Cosmetics - Lit MetalsLit Cosmetics - Escape + GoldLit Cosmetics - Hot ChocolateLit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 1

Since these were sent to me for the Olympics, I decided to try out the Smitten + Gold kit since it’s like a rosy pink and the closest to red of the kits sent to me. I also wore my super cozy blue hoodie with white stars, so I could have a sort of red, white, and blue theme going on. Smitten + Gold has metallic pearl/micas mixed with gold flakes. Just for reference, I used MAC satin and matte shadows as a base on my eyelids before applying the glitter base and glitter.

To apply these glitters it’s pretty easy. Dip your brush in the glitter base which is a clear liquid, then dip your brush in to the glitter powder and apply to the desired area.

Lit Cosmetics - Glitter BaseLit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 2Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 3Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 5Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 4Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 6Lit Cosmetics - Smitten + Gold 7

Hoodie: Nordstrom Rack

It’s hard to tell in these photos but I swear there are flecks of gold glitter all over my eyelids. I could see them in person, but it’s hard to see in photos since I didn’t pack it on and i didn’t want the camera all up in my face.

This whole look, hoodie included, helped put me in a festive and patriotic mood to watch the Olympics!

These glitters are so easy to use and really fun! I look forward to using them more on nights out or just for fun looks.

*The products were sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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