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The Easy Way To Modernize A Period Property

Period properties are very much in fashion now. Even though they usually need a bit of work doing to them, especially if the previous owners haven’t kept their home in a good condition, it’s usually worth it as investing well into the home can help push its value up. When you do buy a period property, you will have two main choices: do you stick to a vintage style and bring it back to its original former glory, or should you revamp it and bring it into the 21st century? Most homeowners decide to go with the latter option. This is usually the most favorable option as period properties that have been given a modern twist are usually valued very highly.



Here are some easy ways you can modernize a period property.

Add Some Mod Cons
It’s always important to add a lot of modern features that can help make the house a lot more practical and comfortable for you. For instance, some period homes might not have central heating or air conditioning, but you will really benefit from getting these important systems installed. It’s also worth getting some smart tech installed as well, such as a smart thermostat and smart refrigerator.


Retain Some Original Features
If there are some original features in the period property, such as original wooden floorboards or ceiling beams, it’s a good idea to try to preserve these and incorporate them into your decor. This may seem counterintuitive as they will look quite old, but original features are exceptionally fashionable these days, especially if they are blended into a contemporary decor style. In fact, original features are so sought after in properties these days, they can significantly increase the value of the property if properly retained.


Consider Going Open-Plan
Open-plan rooms are very modern and another design feature that is very much in vogue these days. Just because your period property is quite old doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of going open plan. If you hire a reliable builder, they will be able to take down some interior walls so that you can open up your rooms and take advantage of the improved use of living space.




Use Industrial Touches
If you haven’t quite settled on an interior style to use throughout your home, you might want to go for an industrial-themed decor. This will clash with the traditional architecture of the period property, but in a really fashionable way. Even just using some industrial touches can really enhance the overall decor of your period property.


Add Lots Of Glass
Glass can really enhance any space, and it will help bring your period property well into the 21st century. For instance, if you are able to replace some of the exterior walls with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can create the illusion of space while adding some modern style.


Modernizing a property doesn’t have to be a huge project. You could simply use some of these tips and pointers to update your home so that it feels a bit more modern!

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