Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand

Bombay Hair Curling Wand

I hope your week is off to a good start! I was so tired at work yesterday I felt like I could just fall asleep at any point. But after work I felt much more awake (go figure). I stopped by my condo to see the new appliances that were delivered, went to Home Depot to pick up my light fixtures, and did some other things and didn’t feel nearly as tired as I did during the day. Hopefully today I will not feel so sluggish at work!

If you follow my Instagram Stories then you may remember me saying that I’ve been playing around/practicing with a new hair tool for the past few weeks. That hair tool has been a Bombay Hair 25mm curling wand in rose gold.  I’ve always wanted to try a curling wand but I didn’t know if I would have the coordination for it – I always get confused doing hair in the mirror – and I didn’t want to burn myself. Nonetheless I’ve always wanted to try. I don’t own any T3 items, even though I really want to, because of the hefty price tag, but I had heard great things about Bombay Hair and even though their items are cheaper than T3 they’re still more than the brand you’d find at the drugstore so it’s still a “nice” tool. It’s on sale now for $119 and I got it on sale plus there was a special discount going on around that time so I think I got it for less than $50! Still my Revlon curling iron that I use quite often was probably like $20 so this curling wand is definitely a step up.

I’ve used the curling wand 3 or 4 times now and it has definitely gotten a lot easier each time I’ve used it. The first time I used it was tricky and I thought to myself this is so much harder than a curling iron (which I’ve become really good at) – why am I doing this?! But once you get the hang of it it’s actually not bad and I can curl my whole head in around the same time it takes me with a traditional iron. I think it’s because while the curling wand takes me longer to put the hair on the wand since I need to be more careful to not burn myself, my hair needs to be on the wand for a lot less time than a regular iron so the timing all evens out. I do use the glove most of the time because I honestly think I would’ve burned my entire hand off the first 2 times I used it.

Bombay Hair - Rose Gold WandBombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 1Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 2Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 3Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 4Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 5Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 6Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 7Bombay Hair - Rose Gold Wand 8

I love the way my hair turns out with the wand! It feels fuller than when I use a regular curling iron with a clamp. One tip that I got from watching people curl their hair with a wand on Instagram is to always have the barrel downwards and to place it behind your hair and wrap. That ensures that you’re curling away from the face. That’s really the only tip I have for you! The rest is just things you learn with practice and like I said after 3 times I feel like I’ve got a good handle on it now.

Do you prefer regular curling irons or curling wands?

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