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Gold & Silver Hair Clips

I recently got some gold and silver hair clips from Vici and Amazon. They’re all either gold or silver so I thought I’d do a post about them.

I got a silver heart hair clip and a gold one. They came as a set. They are so pretty and simple. I also got the double stars – one gold and one silver, which also came as a set. Those are just the right amount of sparkle. Those were all from Amazon. Lastly, I got a gold claw clip from Vici. If you didn’t know, claw clips have made a comeback even though I’ve continued to use them over the years. I love how this one this one looks like an outline of a clip because of its hollow design.

The Amazon ones had mixed reviews with some people saying it didn’t hold enough hair and would just slide out. I haven’t had that issue so I think it really depends on your hair type.

Which do you like best? I love them all and can’t choose!

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