Scarf Print Maxi Dress
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Scarf Print Maxi Dress

In case you didn’t know, I love maxi dresses. They are super comfortable and stylish. Nice and breezy for the hot weather, but they keep my legs warm when you’re indoors and the air conditioning is blasting.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek of this look already. I posted it two weeks ago for a link-up I was taking part in.

Scarf Print Maxi Dress
Scarf Print Maxi Dress 1
Scarf Print Maxi Dress 3
Scarf Print Maxi Dress 2
Scarf Print Maxi Dress 4Dress: Express

I love the color combination in this scarf print maxi dress. The shades of pinks and purples go together so well and really show off the print.

This maxi dress, like so many these days, has the attached slip inside ending above the knee so you get the slightly see-through effect of the skirt from the mid-way point down. It seems to be pretty common these days and I think it works really well with this dress. This maxi dress has detachable straps, which I decided to wear because of the elastic on top. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like when there’s elastic on the very top of strapless tops or dresses it can be unflattering because it like squeezes your fat. I know that’s an unappealing image! Anyone else feel the same way?! Anyway, I felt like leaving the straps on helped to lessen that effect.

In any case, I love this maxi dress and bonus points for my hair matching it!

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