Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

My photo challenge response this week to “Cherry On Top” is not quite as exciting as my responses in the past few weeks with my travel photos, but it is a picture of one of my favorite desserts.

One of my favorite desserts is actually quite simple but not one I find at many restaurants. Tartufo! It is an Italian dessert that is essentially ice cream with a hard chocolate shell and usually a fruit center. If a restaurant has tartufo on the menu there is a 99% chance that I will order it. I have had some good ones and some meh ones but my favorite is the one served at an Italian restaurant near me, Girasole.


It is the cherry on top of a good meal for me. What I look forward to after my meal at the restaurant. Why I love this particular tartufo, which indeed has a cherry in the center but can’t be seen in this photo, is because it is served in slices stacked together with whipped cream on top (a proverbial cherry on top of a delicious stack). I’ve had tartufo before that is served in balls or spherical which was always a nightmare to try to eat because every time I would try to dig into it with my spoon it would roll away and my spoon would clatter onto the plate and make that embarrassingly loud sound. I know you all know what sound I’m talking about! So yes, this tartufo served in slices is one of my favorite desserts and is the cherry on top of my dinner!

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