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Styling My Lob

If you don’t know what a “lob” is it’s a long bob. I’m not sure if having a long bob is an oxymoron, but whatever it’s a thing. Anyway, since cutting my hair short I’ve been wanting to perfect a beach wavy look that I see so many people on Instagram with. Like really cute beachy waves on short hair. When I cut my hair I told my hair stylist about how I wanted to do a beach wave/bend in the hair look and she showed me (with a cold iron) what to do. Basically curl your hair as usual starting from high up (With long hair I always started toward the bottom and curled up) and then curl the hair around the barrel 1-2 times and leave a good amount out so about the bottom inch or so is straight.

I only need 3 things for this hairstyle. I use a clip to section off my hair, my Revlon curling iron (I haven’t tried using a curling wand with my short hair yet), and finishing spray/hair spray. The one I’ve been using is the Shu Uemura Microfine Finishing Spray.

So I heat up my curling iron and clip the top half of my hair up on top. I split the bottom layer of my hair in half (to the right and left) and begin curling away from the face and using the method I mentioned above. I only work it 1-2 times around the wand depending on how long the pieces are and leaving a good amount out. This bottom layer is the hardest with my short hair because the hair in the back isn’t long enough to pull to the front to curl. I then work my way up by letting my hair down from my clip and still working in sections. Lastly, I spray some finishing spray and let my hair set for a few minutes before I work my fingers through it a bit to loosen up the curls.

Curling IronLob - Beach WavesLob - Beach Waves 1Lob - Beach Waves 2Lob - Beach Waves 3Lob - Beach Waves 4Lob - Beach Waves 5Lob - Beach Waves 6Lob - Beach Waves 7Lob - Beach Waves 8Lob - Beach Waves 9Lob - Beach Waves 10Lob - Beach Waves 11Lob - Beach Waves 12

It took me a few tries to get it right but I think I’ve got it down now! I love the look of this loose curl/beach wave lob. My Revlon curling iron is really old but I’ve linked to a newer version below. I do want to someday invest in a T3 but those are expensive! So maybe one day I’ll get one.

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