• Lob - Beach Waves

    Styling My Lob

    If you don’t know what a “lob” is it’s a long bob. I’m not sure if having a long bob is an oxymoron, but whatever it’s a thing. Anyway, since cutting my hair short I’ve been wanting to perfect a beach wavy look that I see so many people on Instagram with. Like really cute beachy waves on short hair. When I cut my hair I told my hair stylist about how I wanted to do a beach wave/bend in the hair look and she showed me (with a cold iron) what to do. Basically curl your hair as usual starting from high up (With long hair I always started…

  • Haircut - Lob

    Fall Haircut: Lob

    If you keep up with me on Instagram stories then you’ve already seen my haircut! So it’s been a few years since I’ve chopped my hair. I get a trim (1-2 inches) every 2 months or so, but it’s been a while since I’ve cut a significant amount off. I have been planning to chop it off for a while now. When I last went to get my hair trimmed, in August, my hair stylist told me that I might have enough to donate the next time I came. I was really in to the idea of donating my hair, but that proved to be more difficult that I thought it…

  • Madison Braids

    Madison Braids + Discount Code

    I can’t believe today is my last day of spring break! It felt like it flew by and also was longer than a week all at the same time. It feels like I was in Georgia a while ago and not just a few days ago, yet I don’t feel rested at all. Ah well, hopefully this first week back will be nice and easy. Here’s hoping anyway! On to today’s blog post. It’s no secret that I am not the best with hair. I can do the obvious ponytails, simple braids, and curl my hair. Since I’m not great at hair, I’m always looking for ways to change things…

  • Thin Braided Headband

    Thin Braided Headband

    I am admittedly not good at doing hair. Besides the standard ponytails, my skills extend to blowdrying my hair with a round brush and curling my hair. I can french braid my own hair if I’m feeling patient and have a lot of time – and don’t mind the possibility that it may turn out crooked. Recently, I looked up easy braid tutorials because I really wanted to learn some more braids to attempt to do in my hair. I found this thin headband braid tutorial and it looked easy enough for me to do. It’s not a french braid, which makes it exponentially easier for me and only involves adding…

  • Hair,  Sets

    Beach Hair

    Hot Weather Hair by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Bumble and bumble Confession: I haven’t been to the beach yet this summer. I know, it’s horrible considering the beach isn’t that far from me. I normally go multiple times throughout the summer, but this year with all my travels and workshops, it’s been hard to find the time. And when I do have the time, like today, it’s pouring out. But I plan to go tomorrow so fingers crossed the forecast for good weather is true! Aside from swimsuits, hair is something else to consider at the beach. Beachy waves are so pretty, which I think is fine for when you’re leaving the beach and maybe…

  • Hair

    Hair Bow

    With Christmas in 5 days you may find yourself going to some holiday parties this weekend, throughout the week, and even beyond that. You might be thinking of different hairstyles for these holiday parties for you, your daughter, or someone else in your life. A few years ago, I had a 6th grade student who would wear her hair in a bow and I thought it was so adorable and creative. I remember asking her to show me how she did it. Last Christmas, I went to visit relatives and I experimented on my little cousin’s hair and recreated the hair bow. Here’s how it turned out! Basically, you put the hair in…

  • Entertainment,  Hair

    Throwback Thursday: Romeo + Juliet

    I can’t believe that Romeo + Juliet came out in theaters 18 years ago. I hadn’t seen this movie in a long time until this week. My 9th graders finished reading the play last week and I told them we could watch the movie this week (our last week of school). I gave the students the option of watching this Leonardo DiCaprio version or the Zeffirelli version from 1968. Pretty much all the girls wanted to see Leo and couldn’t stop talking about how cute he is.  I think it’s so funny to think about how these 14-15 year old girls think Leonardo DiCaprio is so cute and they weren’t…

  • Hair

    Almost Summer – Time for a Change!

    It’s almost summer and the weather is getting nicer, which made me feel like it was time for something new. I decided to cut my hair to change it up. I’ve kept my hair long for a few years now because of weddings and things, but was ready for a change. I’ve never been one to be afraid to change my hairstyle because I feel that hair grows and styles aren’t really permanent. Plus my hair grows fast so it’s not that big a deal to me. I’m not one to go super bold with my hair – partly because of my own personal style and partly because as a teacher…