Hair Bow

With Christmas in 5 days you may find yourself going to some holiday parties this weekend, throughout the week, and even beyond that. You might be thinking of different hairstyles for these holiday parties for you, your daughter, or someone else in your life. A few years ago, I had a 6th grade student who would wear her hair in a bow and I thought it was so adorable and creative. I remember asking her to show me how she did it. Last Christmas, I went to visit relatives and I experimented on my little cousin’s hair and recreated the hair bow. Here’s how it turned out!

Basically, you put the hair in a high pony tail and on the last time pulling through, you don’t pull the hair all the way through so you have the little poof and the tail. You take the tail and pull it over the poof and pin it down so that it creates the bow shape (the pinch in the middle and the two sides of the bow).

My cousin did a bow in her daughter’s (same girl as above) hair recently and did a lower pony and it was a bigger, looser, bow which of course is another option.

Whether you want to do the bow high up and tighter like the one I created or a lower, more full bow like the one my cousin did  – I think it’s a creative and fun hairdo for anyone for the holidays!

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